Books and Planispheres to Stargazing

Stargazing is one of the most enjoyable activities to do, especially when you’re out camping. You can also do this in your backyard, as long as the surroundings are dark. If you are looking into learning more about the night sky, there are plenty of books that you can read, which cover all aspects of astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics, and space. There are books that tackle practical stargazing and histories of spaceflights. There are also books for beginners that explain the basic principles of the Solar System, Galaxy, and Universe.

Having books about stargazing is great because it can guide to and teach you about all the things you see in the night sky when you look into your telescope. Aside from books, you can also buy a planisphere to help you locate stars. It is a star chart analog computing instrumentin the form of two adjustable disks that rotate on a jointhinge. You can adjust it to display the visible stars for any time and date. It can assist you in learning how to recognize stars and constellations.

If you’ve been enjoying stargazing lately and want to learn more, having a book and a planisphere is a great idea. Today, we are giving you some of the best books and planispheres to stargazing that you can get today.

Where to Buy
Celestron Sky Maps
Turn Left At Orion: Hundreds of Night Sky Objects to See in a Home Telescope - and How to Find Them
National Geographic Pocket Guide to the Night Sky of North America
Planisphere and Starfinder
Guide to the Stars
The Night Sky 20°-30°N (Large) Star Finder
Starfinder: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Exploring the Night Sky
Night Sky Explorer: Your Guide to the Heavens
Star Finder!: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Night Sky
Philip's Glow-in-the-Dark Planisphere (Latitude 51.5 North): For use in Britain and Ireland, Northern Europe, Northern USA and Canada

1. Celestron Sky Maps and Planisphere

These Sky Maps by Celestron will help you learn the night skies of the Northern Hemisphere. It is a classic collection of seasonal star charts, topped off by a glow in the dark star finder. It is a popular stargazing book for beginners and as well as seasoned amateur astronomers. It can provide you with everything you need to be able to find constellations quickly.

The front cover of this book is very useful because it is a planisphere. Also, when the star finder is pre-exposed to light, all of the major stars glow in the dark, mimicking the way they actually look in the night sky. There are also more detailed star charts inside for each of the four seasons. But keep in mind that this can only be used in the Northern Hemisphere. You can use this best with a Celestron telescope. Read our Celestron NexStar 102 SLT review for more information.

2. Turn Left At Orion: Hundreds of Night Sky Objects To See in a Home Telescope and How to Find Them

This is a book by Guy Consolmagno and Dan M. Davis. It is one of the most popular astronomy books of all time. It is a unique guidebook to the night sky that will show you how to observe different celestial wonders. It illustrates how deep-sky objects and planets actually look through a small telescope. It also has large pages and a spiral binding that allows you to use it outdoors.

This book also provides links to a dedicated webpage with up-to-date tables and images, and as well as an improved planets chapter. It also has dedicated chapters on Northern and Southern Hemisphere objects to help you explore the night sky easier.

3. National Geographic Pocket Guide to the Night Sky of North America

This book is by Catherine H. Howell. It is a guidebook and the 9th in the National Geographic Pocket Guide series. It provides a go-to reference for everything filling the night sky. It is a basic guide to the solar system, distant galaxies, exoplanets, and deep space, satellites, and more. It also features scores of the sky and constellation charts for stargazers. All of the featured topics in this book have a photograph or explanatory illustration or graphic. It is an interesting book that will provide you with facts and tips, and a guide to observing the night sky with the naked eye.

4. Planisphere and Starfinder by Carole Stott

This one is a practical guide to finding your way around the night sky. It explains astronomy and introduces basic stargazing techniques, teaching you to find and recognize objects easily. It has a section about the solar system that shows you how to observe the Moon, planets, and other bodies like asteroids and comets. It also has a section on a month-by-month guide to the night sky. This book comes with a removable planisphere that will show you the entire sky above your head any time of night and any time of year.

5. Guide to the Stars Map by Ken Graun

This is a 16-inch diameter plastic Guide to the Stars chart. It can help you identify the constellations when you go stargazing. All you need to do is dialin your observing time and date to find the set of constellations visible in the night sky. This chart is designed for beginners, but seasoned astronomers will also be able to find it useful.

You can use this chart anywhere in the world between latitudes 30 and 60 degrees North, which includes the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, England, and Northern China. It is large and easy to read, making it ideal for families, teachers, and as well as seniors.


6. The Night Sky 20°-30°N Star Finder Map

This is a rotating star finder or planisphere that will enable you to recognize the constellations for any time of night and any day of the year. It is a full-sized planisphere that is suitable for those living in Florida, the Caribbean, Southern Texas, and Hawaii. You can also find a pocket-size version of this star finder map that you can take with you when you travel.

7. Starfinder: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Exploring the Night Sky

This book lays out the universe clearly, and it highlights the signposts in the sky. It also explains the cosmology of the stars. You can use this book to discover the wonders of the night sky. It also comes with up-to-date information about the universe, and as well as monthly charts to both the northern and southern hemispheres. It also has a section that you can read when observing the Moon, planets, and other bodies of the solar system.

8. Night Sky Explorer: Your Guide to the Heavens

This book will help you learn everything that a beginner stargazer needs to know. It includes a rotating planisphere that you can use to figure out which stars are currently visible. This book has 128 pages that will teach you about each celestial body. It presents the key facts in an easy-to-understand format, and its sidebars have fun trivia and illuminating anecdotes. It is also a great gift for those who love exploring the night sky.

9. Star Finder! A Step-by-Step Guide to the Night Sky

This book is packed with crystal-clear visuals, easy-to-read maps, and top tips when it comes to stargazing. It will help you discover the most important constellations visible in the Northern Hemisphere. You can also read here stories behind each constellation, and as well as recognize the constellations of the zodiac. After reading this book, you will learn how to spot planets, galaxies, and nebulas.

10. Philip’s Glow-in-the-Dark Planisphere

This planisphere can be used in Northern USA, Canada, Northern Europe, Britain, and Ireland. It is a really useful map of the night sky for any time of the year. It is a fun and practical way to discover stars and constellations. You can also use this planisphere outside even without light because it glows in the dark. All you need to do is dial up the current time and date to know what you will find in the night sky.

These are some of the best books and planispheres that you can use when stargazing. All of these will teach you about stars, constellations, planets, and other celestial bodies, and how to spot them in the night sky easily.