Best Power Tool Combo Kit Buying Guide

Thinking of giving a cordless power tool combo kit as a present? Or maybe you want to get a head start as a DIY enthusiast? Whatever the scenario, power tool combo kits offer great value as you don’t have to spend time and money in setting it up piece by piece. Also, the seller may give you a significant discount off the price when you procure tools bundled this way.

This article is an ultimate buyer’s guide, featuring practically all kinds of power tool combo kits for woodwork, maintenance, construction or carpentry. It offers a basic drill down of what each kit is for, its capabilities, and tips on how to use it efficiently. If it comes across as handy, please take a moment to share it on Twitter and Facebook.

How to Shop for A Power Tool Combo Kit?

Unfortunately, buyers can’t match and mix combinations of tools inside kits, however, there are several models and makes out there to choose from. Below are some of the factors to take into account when buying a power tool combo kit:

Cordless: Buyers have the option to choose between cordless and corded. Are you comfortable with a charger or a battery? Or perhaps cordless is your preferred choice as it allows for longer amounts of work with less disruption? The decision depends on how you use the tools. For instance, some people think drills are better cordless. However, oscillating saw, circular saw, and hand-held jigsaw should have cords. Others hate recharging their batteries and get a peace of mind when they’re connected to a power source.

Tool count: two, three, six or seven? Do you just require a couple of drills and a charger? Again, the buying decision will depend on your existing and future needs. For instance, you may not need a hand-held jigsaw for now. However, you might require it to do some cutting as part of a particular project next year. Keep the future in mind as it’s better to invest in a complete package up front as opposed to going on Amazon again and shopping for additional tools.

Chuck: What the chuck? The chuck is the name of the hole at the drill’s end, where drill bits are placed. Unless the task requires you to do nothing more than drilling a few tiny holes to hang photos of your family, a chuck of more than 10mm would be needed to support bigger drill bits. Keep in mind that lower-end drills offer a chuck that’s 10mm at maximum. Also, buyers may want a keyless chuck, so that it can be tightened and loosened manually without using chuck key. Advanced models come with keyless chucks.

Additional accessories: Some brands of power tool combo kits also offer extra blades, contractor bags, work LEDs and more. Usually, they list a higher price for their offering because of these valuable extras, but they may not provide value to the buyer if they already have access to the gear. For others, it can be a better bang for their buck.

Best Power Tool Combo Kits for Buyers

Where to Buy
DeWalt DCK590L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 5-Tool Combo Kit
Black & Decker BDCDMT1206KITC Matrix 6 Cordless Tool Combo Kit with Case
Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Cordless Combo Kit
Porter-Cable PCCK614L4 20V MAX Lithium Ion 4-Tool Combo Kit

1. DeWalt DCK590L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 5-Tool Combo Kit

Power Tool Type: Cordless. 20V MAX hammer drill with patented 3-speed all-metal transmission and 1/2-inch self-tightening chuck.

DeWalt falls in the line of premium brands that tradesman have grown to trust as a reputable vendor. It is ideal for individuals who have a little more to spend. The kit offers 535 unit watts at peak efficiency with lightning fast application speed and premium bit retention. The kit includes a reciprocating saw that features a keyless blade clamp which enables users to change blades quickly without reciprocating the shaft.

DeWalt DCK590L2’s impact driver comes with an option of one-handed loading. A ¼ inch hex chuck accommodates and supports 1-inch bit tips for easy fastening in tight areas. Additionally, the impact features 3 LED lights with a decent delay time, which enables the driver to provide visibility without shadows. LEDS can deliver 110 lumens of output. DCK590L2’s 20-volt lithium-ion battery technology offers 35 percent greater runtime than the current 18-volt options in the market.



  • Circular saw with 61/2 inch carbide blade for seamless cutting.
  • 3 LED lights around the chuck makes it possible to work in dimmed areas.
  • Cordless circular saw and reciprocating saw are extremely versatile and fairly accurate on depth and angles.



  • Safety trigger on a few tools is a bit hard to get accustomed to.
  • Price is on the higher side compared to other models.

Best for: Offering superior control and comfort, the DeWalt DCK590L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 5-Tool Combo Kit is suitable for DIY projects and job sites as it features strong lithium-ion batteries and precision design.

2. Black & Decker BDCDMT1206KITC Matrix 6 Cordless Tool Combo Kit with Case

Matrix Quick Connect system allows quick and easy change of a variety of attachments. Powerful 20V MAX motor for the performance needed to complete DIY activities.

Looking for a budget-friendly option? Look no further! The Black & Decker BDCDMT1206KITC is one of the more affordable power tool kits available today. It features a robust modular tool system that is designed around a power source and comes with an interchangeable attachment as the drill’s heads cut, drive, rout and sand Called MATRIC QUICK Connect, it enables easy and quick changing of all attachments (for Jig Saw, Sander, Drill-Driver, Router, Oscillating, and Impact driver).

The attachment for impact driver offers high-performance output without lags and includes a variable speed feature that promotes precision that is essential for each job. The attachment for sanding is versatile and can be used for polishing, detail sanding, rust removal, dry scrubbing and more. The motor offers 20 volts at a maximum along with the power required to carry out DIY activities. The 20-volt lithium-ion power unit is always ready and can hold an 18-month charge



  • All attachments work great for lightweight jobs.
  • Jigsaw and sander offer optimal performance in garage work and other DIY projects.
  • Has long battery life, but it’s a good idea to get a back-up battery as well.



  • Comes without router bit.
  • Would not be feasible for use in an industrial area

Best for: Offering users the ability to switch tools with ease and perform tasks without worrying about plugging in the cord, the Black & Decker BDCDMT1206KITC Matrix 6 Cordless Tool Combo Kit with Case is best for light-duty jobs in and around the house.


3. Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Cordless Combo Kit

Equipped with Star Protection Computer Controls to protect against overloading, over-discharging, and over-heating.

Regardless of the buyer being a contractor who requires a few spare tools for the garage or a permanent Mr. Fix-It, the Makita XT260 is a perfect choice. It comes with a driver drill, impact driver, and everything needed to get started on small jobs right out of the gate. The drill includes a ½ inch chuck and offers a MAX torque of 480 lbs. The impact driver is subject to variable speed depending on how hard the trigger is pulled but can do 0 to 3,200 RPM with a MAX torque of 1,420 lbs.

The 18-volt Lithium 3.0 ah battery does a complete charge in half an hour or less. Also, the combo kit features Star Protection Control Controls, a technology that secures the equipment against over-heating and overloading. Buyers would also be pleased to know that there’s a built-in fan in the Rapid Optimum Charger, which helps increase durability and get more lifetime work out of the kit.


  • Lightweight: ideal for small jobs.
  • Impact driver has excellent speed control and is easy to use.
  • The battery can hold a charge for 1.5 years.


  • Doesn’t have a toggle for lighting.
  • Comes without a screw holder to keep the battery in place.

Best for: The Makita XT260 18-volt LXT Cordless Combo Kit is compact enough to be used in small home settings. However, it can also run as a hammer driver-drill and is versatile enough for applications in metal, concrete, and wood.

4. Porter-Cable PCCK614L4 20V MAX Lithium Ion 4-Tool Combo Kit

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Compact and convenient design to alleviate jobsite hassles.PERFORMANCE: High-Performance motors and impact mechanisms to power through jobs.

This drill comes with 283 Unit watts out and a 2-speed gearbox. There’ a reciprocating saw that includes a highly efficient drive train with a variable trigger for speed and a free release for the blade. The high-performance motor is included on the circular saw along with a carbide blade. The kit also features 4 LED bulbs flashlight that has a pivoting head.

In addition, the Porter-Cable PCCK614L4 has ½ inch chuck for drill bits. Also, there’s overload protection on the 20-amp charger that protects the battery’s cells and offers fast charging simultaneously. The trigger speed control results in continuous contact with the material, and the motor offers aggressive cutting at 3,700 rmp.



  • Efficient drilling precision due to variable speed triggers.
  • Lightweight tools minimize user fatigue.
  • Non-slip handles for ultimate grip during operation.


  • The drill is a bit noisy compared to other brands.
  • The battery life may catch the user off-guard in some instances.

Best for: For those looking for impact drilling, this power tool combo kit is an ideal choice. The impact driver is affordable, and the additional tools are excellent in design and quality, as well.


Overall, these power tool combo kits are a no-brainer. If you want to drill in difficult areas and enjoy a premium feel, then DeWalt’s power tool kit may be the perfect choice. For those who are looking for a mid tier option but a kit with more tool sets, the Black & Decker one is recommended. Matika and Porter-Cable are best for compact jobs around the house. The final choice will depend on your needs and budget.