Best Places to Stay in Your RV or Camp While Playing Golf in Florida

If you enjoy visiting locations with top tourist attractions, such as beaches, warm weather, theme parks, and other leisure amenities like golf courses. If you fall within this category, Florida is the best place for you to visit.

This well-known peninsula region offers a wintertime breather, and it’s also the state that many foreign golfers travel to in quest of lush greens and warm weather. Florida is also known as “The Sunshine State,” and during the fall season, the state enjoys milder temperatures and lesser humidity. You may take in the breathtaking coastline and gorgeous natural surroundings before gazing up at the twinkling stars and drifting off to sleep to the sounds of rolling surf.

1. Clerbrook RV Resort

Clerbrook RV Resort is located in Clermont, Florida, among the rolling hills. This Encore Orlando RV resort has over 1,250 sites spread across 287 acres of magnificent scenery in the heart of Lake County. Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort is a sight to behold, with lush foliage, interconnecting ponds and canals, and majestic trees.

If you are a golf enthusiast, this magnificent park is the real deal because you will find everything linked to the game. The Clerbrook RV Resort park features an 18-hole golf course with two par-5s. The course is also distinguished by lush green flora, and you may appreciate the stunning view of the lakes that surround it. Within the campground, there is a driving range where you may practice driving around your RV. The biggest advantage is that you can visit several destinations in a short period, which is not always possible when walking. 

The basic line is that when you drive about, your itinerary is completely manageable. This lovely park offers a variety of amenities. A clubhouse with a bar and catering services is available. There is also a store with a variety of things where you can shop. Those who prefer activities such as swimming, fishing, hiking, and shuffle boarding will find them easily within the enormous park. There is also a fitness facility, as well as restrooms and showers. There is a playground where guests can play various activities, and they are welcome to bring their dogs. This RV Park also has laundry and library facilities as part of its services.

2. Grand Lake

Grand Lake is yet another RV Park that has full-service golf and camping facilities geared to meet your demands and those of your family members while on vacation. The resort has a 6-hole golf course, which adds to the natural sense and freshness of the surrounding vegetation. The surrounding area is likewise appealing, so you can engage in other activities such as photography to make your holiday more fascinating. You can also find new species and learn a lot about how the environment works.

There are also several activities available in the park. For example, you can go mountain biking along several trails. Alternatively, you can switch this activity to horseback riding, which is quite exciting because you get to see the magnificent surroundings in this beautiful park. Around the park, there are various amenities such as stores, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse. You may receive a variety of amenities at the clubhouse, such as restaurants and pubs where you can relax in elegance. This location also provides many sorts of entertainment.

3. The Great Outdoors Resort

This park, located in Titusville on the east coast of Central Florida, has full-service RV camping facilities as well as golfing and a variety of other leisure activities. The resort offers an 18-hole golf course that measures 6,542 yards, as well as wooden bridges and paved pathways that allow you to freely roam the marshes around the region.

The Great Outdoors Resort RV park combines rich American history, science, and breathtaking natural beauty. A visit to this lovely location will leave you with indelible sweet recollections of nature’s beauty. The resort is also distinguished by subtropical weather with typical temperatures that are ideal for a variety of outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and nature trekking, among others.

Another appealing aspect of the resort is that it is home to several endangered species that are visually appealing in every way. As the name implies, the Great Outdoors Park signifies a deep relationship between man and the natural world. You can also drive about the park in your recreational vehicle to explore different areas of this vast park.

Apart from sightseeing, the Great Outdoors Park also offers additional services such as a full bar and catering. There are various venues geared to meet your demands if you wish to unwind in style. Furthermore, the neighboring regions are densely packed with stores selling one-of-a-kind items and a range of other conveniences. 

4. Shady Brook Golf and RV Resort

Shady Brook Golf and RV Resort is located in Sumterville and is a lovely destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a quiet environment. The lake in the park adds to the natural beauty that you may expect to witness when you come. The park also has a variety of fauna and natural elements that will certainly capture your attention. The location is also suitable for other hobbies such as photography and social gatherings, allowing guests to host calm and unforgettable parties in luxury.

If you enjoy golf, this is the place to visit in Central Florida. It has an 18-hole course that measures 6,441 yards. The front holes are closer to a picturesque lake. The golf course has paved roads and a driving range, which is quite significant. You can drive your RV whenever you want and go wherever you want. When you visit this RV resort, there will never be a shortage of things to do. Pet owners are welcome, and there is a one-of-a-kind Dog Park where they may play with their pets. A variety of other scheduled activities can be carried out inside this magnificent park, and facilities are available to support any event.

If you feel the need to unwind, a specific snack bar is available. There are also toilets with showers and laundry services available. If you enjoy reading, the library is always open and ready to serve you. Wi-Fi is also available throughout the main building.

5. The Deer Creek RV Golf Resort

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Deer Creek RV Golf Resort, located in North Davenport, features all the recreational amenities you could want. These are carefully developed to enhance your encounter with Florida’s natural beauty so that you will be compelled to call again in the future. If you are a serious golf enthusiast, this fantastic resort is the spot for you. All you need to do is bring your clubs and enjoy the game on an 18-hole golf course. The course has executive facilities and is located in a forested region, so you can enjoy the natural sense of the environment while playing golf.

Aside from golf, the park provides a variety of activities geared to meet the needs of everyone who visits the area. You are certain to find an event that appeals to your interests, regardless of your age or gender. Among the activities are riding, swimming, dancing, horseshoes, tennis, and church services. It has all of the comforts you may want while on vacation. There is a clubhouse and a swimming pool where visitors can use services such as laundry, a full kitchen, entertainment, and a variety of different activities. Furthermore, the people who live in the areas surrounding the resort are so kind that you will always feel at ease. Visitors can engage with individuals from all walks of life, and the surrounding regions are safe and secure.

Check out these wonderful choices for putting up your RV in Florida and enjoying rounds of golf if you want to get closer to nature while also enjoying the great game of golf.