The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Ping Pong Table

Ping pong is the ultimate pastime recognized in the workplace, in resorts and is a staple in a games room. The reasons for this are simple. Ping pong is a game that requires little skill and can be enjoyed by all, young and old. Ping pong tables are a great way to unwind with friends and colleagues and a way to bond in your leisure time.

Ping pong tables can be inexpensive in comparison to other game room activities, although ping pong table price can differ greatly, even ones offered by the same brand – just read our JOOLA ping pong table reviews. The best value ping pong table is different for different people, but we believe that there is a table for everyone.

The first step is obviously finding a ping pong table for sale that is right for you.

The more you look, the more you will find and the task of purchasing a ping pong table becomes more daunting than fun. You will find a range of tables from cheap ping pong tables to expensive ones, but do not stress.

By following our buying guide and reading through our ping pong table reviews, you can be sure that you will find the best ping pong table for you.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

Indoor Ping Pong Tables

The majority of high quality ping pong tables are exclusively for indoor use. Further to this, even tables that are rated for outdoor use can be used indoors.

Speaking of indoor tables exclusively, these can be either better or worse quality than outdoor tables. A cheap indoor ping pong table can give you exactly what you need – surface to play ping pong. It will lack any resistance from weather and be slightly more flimsy.

The higher quality indoor ping pong tables are where the real action is at. They can comprise of some of the best quality tables used in competition, focusing entirely on the condition of the table to give it the most superior bounce possible.

You will find no dead spots on the best indoor tables, and they can be quite expensive on the higher end of the market.

Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

The best ping pong game is all about minimizing variables that may impact play. This is no doubt difficult with an outdoor table, as you are exposed to the elements such as wind, rain and other things outside of your control.

Competitive ping pong is exclusively an indoor game for this reason. That does not mean great outdoor tables do not exist. Playing surfaces can differ by use of resin or matte finishes, and frames can be made of waterproof aluminum or steel, although this differs from table to table.

Outdoor ping pong tables require some form of weatherproofing to ensure that they can withstand outdoor conditions. This can sometimes impact the playing surface, but for most amateur players, this won’t be noticeable

Another thing to consider is whether or not to purchase a cover. Tables that are rated for outdoor use are designed to withstand the conditions and resist warping. To protect the table as much as possible, covering the table is an inconvenient but important part of owning an outdoor ping pong table. We cover this in the best outdoor table tennis table reviews below.

Which Ping Pong Table Should I Choose?

Both indoor and outdoor ping pong tables are great for different reasons. The choice for you will primarily come down to two major things.

  1. The experience of the players
  2. Where you will place the table

An office table obviously doesn’t require weather rating, and the best table will be an indoor one. An option suitable for the patio however will make an outdoor table ideal.

If you really can’t decide, give yourself the flexibility and simply choose an outdoor table. This way you can be sure that no matter how you decide to use the table down the track, you will have the flexibility to use it however you wish.

How to Choose the Best Ping Pong Table for Sale

There are a few key things our reviews will focus on to determine what makes a ping pong table so great. These are the major aspects for most people, and will help you to narrow down the ones that are relevant for you.

Of course there are other things to consider, but if you can clarify these points, you will be well on your way to purchasing your new ping pong table.

Dimensions and Specifications

The tables dimensions and specifications involve looking at the tables size and weight, and require you to consider the purpose of the ping pong table as well as your own space limitations.

It is important to make sure this not only suits your space limitations but your individual requirements. A small ping pong table might not meet the criteria of a ping pong competition table and if you are serious at improving skill, you will want one of this size.

Not only this, but tables rated for competition use comprise of a single player surface as opposed to a dual one, although for practice, the tables dimension is of most importance. For the majority, a suitable table is one that is of appropriate size and can be folded compactly, in which case storage comes first.

Space limitations can give rise to the need for tables smaller than the competition size, and there are some mid-sized tables which can be the best home ping pong table for kids.

Fast Assembly

Ping pong tables can be notoriously difficult to assemble especially when considering a 4-piece table. The cheaper the table, the more difficult it can be to install and often tools are required.

Minimizing assembly time is therefore essential for some people. Some tables guarantee a 15-minute installation time, and preassembly saves hassle and reduces the risk of installing the table incorrectly, which can compromise the tables safety and quality.

Remember however that it is short term pain for long term gain, and the initial installation is only one part of that.


In some scenarios the ability to have the table open permanently is ideal, such as a dedicated space for practicing ping pong or a permanent outdoor table. For others, adaptability to key.

Ping pong tables comprised of two pieces can be folded and stored flat. Many can also be positioned so that one side acts as a wall for solo play. This is ideal for bringing the table out on holidays or for an office that requires more space.

Open spaces can be good for flat single surface ping pong tables. Part of what makes for the best value ping pong table is how adaptable it is for your needs.

Player Experience

The more experience the player has, the less satisfied they will be with a mediocre ping pong table. Practice will result in you quickly acquiring the experience that allows you to differentiate between a high quality table and standard one.

Communal tables need to be durable over high quality – so balance this with the need for the table as you may only require a ping pong table cheap.

A gift for a player that is well accustomed to the game will require a higher quality. This involves a table that is regulation size and height and has a player surface of the desired quality. The top needs to provide a superior bounce so that their effort is the only variable influencing the ball.

Also, it is worth investing now than realizing your table does not offer what you need in the future, requiring you to purchase another one. The degree to which this is important can only be answered by you, and the price of a ping pong table will differ greatly based on this.

Standard Ping Pong Table Size

ping pong table dimensions

The minimum requirement for a competition ping pong tables such as in the World Championship of Ping Pong is that is abides by certain size requirements.

The standard size of a ping pong table concerns the regulation ping pong table size that can be approved in competition. The size of a ping pong table is roughly 108 inches in length, 60 inches in width and 30 inches in height. You will see in the comparison table above that most of the tables abide by these dimensions.

Dimensions of a ping pong table that do not follow this would be considered a small ping pong table. Therefore, the best one to practice on is one that fits this dimension.

11 Top Ping Pong Table Reviews

As stated above, we believe there is a ping pong table for everyone, whether that be an outdoor or indoor table. As these are the two major differentiating factors, this is how we have divided our reviews.

Read more information on what makes each of these top rated ping pong tables so great in the reviews below.

Best Indoor Ping Pong Table Reviews

Where to Buy
Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table Review
JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set Review
JOOLA 15mm Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table and Net Set Review
Killerspin MyT5 Pocket Table Tennis Table Review
JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Review
Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review
Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Indoor Table Tennis Table Review
JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review
Stiga Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review
Cornilleau 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table Review
Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table Review

1. Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table Review

There is obviously a huge different between a standard ping pong table and the best indoor ping pong table – not only in price but in performance. The most experienced and serious ping pong players need a table to match, and this one fits the bill.

Looks alone, the Killerspin Revolution table is stunning. It is a stylish centerpiece that proves to be a conversation piece and encourages anyone who walks in to pick up a paddle.

A glare proof top of around an inch, and the arched base of this ping pong table are its major selling points, and it certainly looks impressive. Along with aluminum paneling, the table is perhaps the sturdiest of all ping pong tables for sale, complimented by a solid steel frame.

During play the table performs like a beast and ensures that nothing will impact your performance other than your skill itself.

The two-piece table can be detached and stored quickly, but is undeniably bulky and heavy. The table does not fold flat and is not adaptable or portable due to its heavy weight.

The table is height adjustable to your specifications and sits stable on any surface. The net is also tension and height adjustable.

Pretty much the ultimate ping pong table available, this is a ping pong table for both experienced players and those looking to improve their skill alike.

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2. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table with Net Set Review

JOOLA has some of the best rated ping pong tables that offer quality with simple installation. With installation that requires only 8 bolts for the legs to be placed, this table is no exception.

This is the perfect table for a home games room or simple lunch time office solution and best for amateur players, coming in two sizes – 15mm and 18mm. This review will focus on the more affordable 15mm table.

You will find that moving the table is simple. It is detachable into two parts with four wheels on each side, folds flat and has a surface large enough so that game play is not compromised. This also makes the table completely adaptable for solo play, whether you have an only child or simply want to work on improving your own skill.

JOOLA itself is a trusted name in ping pong tables, and sticking with one of the best ping pong table brands always brings with it some level of confidence.

In play, the ball bounces evenly on the professional grade surface which is complimented by a resin finish. Another great feature is that each leg can be height positioned, turning any uneven surface into an even playing table.

The net is also included and can be secured using the spring clamp tensioner. This is a solid, affordable and durable choice.

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3. JOOLA 15mm Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table and Net Set Review

For a simple step up, check out the JOOLA 15mm Tour. Once set up, this table provides the quality you would expect and is the best folding ping pong table.

The bounce offered by JOOLA tables is superior to say the least, and this table is no exception. The table comes well packaged and basically preassembled – requiring only the attachment of castors and T brackets. This is fantastic as many tables are simply too difficult to set up. This one hardly requires instructions.

This table again uses the clamping net which is included with the table. The net is stable and simple to attach.

The table is fairly heavy at almost 200 pounds, and whilst the majority of the installation could be done alone, you will require some assistance eventually. The table can be fully installed in about 20 minutes.

Perfect for casual players, this ping pong table can also be modified for solo play. A safety locking device makes this table sturdy and useful for years to come, and makes it considerably better than an entry level ping pong table.

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4. Killerspin MyT5 Pocket Table Tennis Table Review

Killerspin make some quality tables that are above the competition, and this one is another example of how great they are. Available in black, blue and white, this table can be both stylish in a room and high quality in performance.

This is one of the easier ping pong tables to set up and takes no longer than 15 minutes. Wheels on each side of the table are adjustable and turning the table into a secure straight surface is easily done anywhere.

The table is reinforced with about half an inch of medium density fiberboard on the top – a quality material used in the best ping pong tables. This works to create a surface that consistently performs well. The net is also high quality and unlikely to become flimsy.

The main thing that differentiates this table is the addition of a racket holder on opposite sides of the table holding, with space for 2 rackets. In addition to this, pockets are located for ping pong balls to be held.

This ping pong table is definitely a step up from the competition offering affordability and quality.

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5. JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Review

Ensuring that you can still have a quality table smaller in size and cheaper in price is the midsize JOOLA table tennis table. This table is lightweight and simple and will likely appeal to families with children due to its size and the fact that it requires no assembly other than unfolding of the legs.

A space saver, it is immediately apparently that this table is smaller in size than other tables, especially when they are compared side by side. In fact, the table is 2/3 the size of a competition table.

The table does have some good and bad points. The best part of this table is that it breaks apart into two parts, not only for easy storage, but so each side can be used independently. This means that in addition to being a ping pong table, it can be used for other purposes such as a place to play a board game. Each side stands as an almost perfect square. The table is lightweight but maintains its sturdiness, and the net is also included.

Now, the bad points. Keep in mind the affordability of this table. The legs are not height adjustable making it difficult to adapt to individual requirements and uneven surfaces – however the table does stand at regulation height. It can also be a little less than ideal to play on such a small surface, but if you purchase this, it is likely due to its size.

This is the best cheap ping pong table for kids and the ultimate option for limited space.

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6. Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

The Stiga Advantage is another solution to often difficult assembly, with a ping pong table that can be assembled in under 10 minutes. The table is attractive and packed full of awesome features to guarantee a great game.

This is another trusted brand that will bring with it some level of security. Each side of the table can stand independently, giving you an option to have one positioned against a wall for independent use and another used for a different purpose. Either way, you will never miss out.

Folding the table results in a tight and compact fit, more so than other ping pong tables. It also makes assembling the two parts together a breeze. One of the best tournament grade nets is also included with this ping pong table.

The safety latch improves the stability and performance of the table, and of course its safety profile. The surface is smooth and durable, making this the perfect solution for those looking for a no fuss table that is guaranteed to be long lasting.

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7. Killerspin MyT-O Outdoor Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

With some of the easiest set ups, this Kilerspin ping pong table can go from box to functional in under 15 minutes. This is a theme of many Killerspin tables and something that makes them a personal favorite, as assembly is often the most time consuming and least fun part of owning a ping pong table.

The first of our outdoor tables and the first to feature weather proofing, this model makes outdoor use a reality. The net and post of this table are equally weatherproof. Totally versatile, this table lets you choose to play solo or with a partner.

The wheels on this model are moderately sized and work well in making the table easy to move and reposition – something that is important with an outdoor table. Tension caps can be found on each leg to change the height of each leg individually to quickly and easily match the surface you are playing on.

The table is both foldable and compact so that storage is easy and you can bring it out only when you need it. Of course, weatherproofing means that is not essential, but the option is there.

The weatherproofing does result in a slight loss of bounce, and something only noticeable to serious players. The table looks great, and simply put, this is a fantastic outdoor ping pong table year round, whether you want it on display or ready to use at any time.

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8. JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

The final JOOLA table in our list is the JOOLA Nova. Of course, you know you can trust a table from this brand.

This is one of the ultimate outdoor tables with a thick surface that works to prevent warping – an inevitability when tables aren’t up to the standard for outdoor use. The table is also fully waterproof and sun protected, although it is always recommended to purchase up a cover. This is a nice table and keeping it covered can make it last even longer.

Anti-tilting is used on this table to ensure a flat surface, and a double trolley make the table portable. It is easy to store and adapt to different needs, and perfect for solo play.

Included is a net that is relatively good and holds its tension well. Hinges are preassembled and the table requires only the attachment of the legs, making assembly very simple.

Portable and easy to use, this table is responsive and a great option for use outdoors.

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9. Stiga Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

Finding a ping pong table for sale cheap can mean a lack of features, and whilst the Stiga Outdoor is not what I would consider cheap, its features make it great value. There are a few ping pong table brands that I like to stick with as I know they are unlikely to let me down, and Stiga is definitely one of them.

This is a table that is both strong and lightweight due mostly to the use of aluminum plastic, which the table owes its durability to. The materials are weatherproof and suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Both the net and clamp for this table are included and are equally weatherproof.

Stiga have some of the easiest tables to assemble, and this table holds that view true. The table is foldable, adaptable and performs like tables twice the price.

Although the table folds well, once folded, it is quite tall. This ping pong table will be more than suitable for many people.

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10. Cornilleau 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table Review

If you want a great outdoor ping pong table, you need to look at the ones offered by Cornilleau. This particular table has glare reduction which makes playing in extreme weather so much more enjoyable due to its matte finish. The durable weatherproof surface has been the more recent update on this ping pong table.

At 130 pounds the table is sturdy for outdoors but remains a portable ping ping table. Adjustable leg pads make the table adaptable to different surfaces, with leg levelers giving the table noticeably more stability. A foldable net and huge 8 inch wheels also give the table its portable – something necessary for outdoor use.

The table offers extra bounce and on a quality surface, but it would be great to see additional protection of the corners. Easier instructions to follow for assembly would also be welcomed.

However, you can’t argue with quality, and quality is what this table is. Nowhere is this more evident than in the 3-year warranty on the frame and the huge 10 year warranty on the surface.

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11. Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table Review

A versatile table with strong performance, the Cornilleau 500M is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Owing to the tables versatility is a weatherproof frame that makes the table suitable for varying climates. The net is equally waterproof and fully adjustable to suit your individual specifications.

An improvement over previous model is the larger wheels. This tables large wheels make it easy to move and reposition. Weighing considerably less than some of the best competition table options, this table weights 158 pounds.

Although the wheels have improved, assembly hasn’t. The included directions are not the easier to follow as is the case with other Cornilleau tables. However once the table is assembled it can be folded in 30 seconds, making storage simple.

Suitable for personal use, this ping pong table has also been rated for tournament use – something that is evident in the strength of the table. A handy feature of this model is the ball dispenser found on the side of the table, keeping balls neat and tidy and everything together.

This is a high quality table proves if you are willing to spend a bit more you can find something that is great.

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