Best Educational Robot Kits

The best robot kits not only provide fun but they also give an educational experience for users of all ages. For those who want to get involved in the STEM education, robot kits make for an excellent first step. It will provide an enriching experience for the user and will develop their patience, ingenuity, and creativity.

Here are some of the top rated robot kits that will make people engaged for hours while learning all about robotics, electronics and programming.

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mBot Robot Kit
Robotis Dream
Lego Mindstorms

1. mBot Robot Kit


mbot robot kit

Instead of giving your kid the usual toys, why don't you give them something else that they can actually create and control? The mBot Robot Kit is designed this way to allow easy building, operation and Arduino programming.

2. Robotis Dream


Robot Kit Robotis Dream

This robot kit comes in three levels:
Level 1 - robot kit for teaching and learning the basics of robotics
Level 2 - robot kit for educating the way how robots move, and this also includes the use of sensors, drive, gait, speed, etc.
Level 3 - robot kit which includes 12 robots as well as new parts (like the servo motor)



Robot Kit-MOSS

For those who want to learn robotics but have no previous knowledge, the MOSS robot kit will do its job more than just adequately. People do not even have to have knowledge in computers in programming to be able to learn robotics and have fun at the same time with this nice, interactive robot. It comes in several varieties: the MOSS Zombonitron 1600 and the MOSS Exofabulatronixx 5200.

4. Cubelets

Robot Kit-Cubelets

Cubelet Robot Blocks are a good introduction to someone who wants to learn robotics and coding in a not-so-complicated way. Each of the interlocking cubes has its own functions (Battery, Brightness, Distance, Drive, Flashlight and Passive). When the interlocking cubes are joined in a certain fashion, you can make the assembled robot do all sorts of things. Aside from the original six Cubelets, there are also other Cubelets that can be purchased separately, such as the Bluetooth Cubelet.

Cubelet Robot Blocks are simple and fun to build. Kids and adults alike will enjoy playing with the Cubelets as well as learn the ways of robotics and programming.

5. Lego Mindstorms

Robot Kit Lego Mindstorms

A lot of people, not just kids, are fans of Lego. So if you are one, you might as well want to purchase the Lego Mindstorms robot kit. Lego Mindstorms' line of "intelligent bricks" (which make the robot's "brain,") has put the company at the forefront of the robotics market. Of course, aside from the intelligent bricks, Lego Mindstorms has also launched programmable robot kits.

Lego Mindstorms’ products are especially popular among schools, as it is the ideal kit for learning robotics, electronics and coding in several levels, from learning the basics to forming complex projects. Not to mention they’re also enjoyable, and will keep kids and adults engaged for hours.

Really, all robot kits are the best robot kits as they do not only provide education on all about robotics and programming, but also provide lots of fun for kids and adults like. However, make sure to read customers’ robot kit reviews to get the exact robot kit you want.