Best Books for Off-Grid Living

Living off-grid is something that some people are eager to try. The reasons vary from wanting to be self-sufficient to wanting to be less affected by political issues. There are books about the process, about the desired results, and about all sorts of things in between. Some offer instruction, some encouragement, and some just relate what it is like living off grid. They can ignite the desire, aid in preparation, and answer questions that arise while living the dream.

Practical, Instructional and Helpful Books

Where to Buy
Back to Basics
Bushcraft First Aid
DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner
Earth-Sheltered Houses
The Encyclopedia of Country Living
Going Off the Grid
How to Live in a Van and Travel
The Made-from-Scratch Life

1. Back to Basics

This complete guide to traditional skills is illustrated in full color and covers all kinds of topics with step-by-step instructions. Anything needed to set up a life off-grid can be found in this handy book.

2. Bushcraft First Aid

This field guide to wilderness emergency care will be useful for off-grid living, especially if the chosen off grid property is out in the middle of the wilderness. First aid care is detailed for a variety of situations, from cuts to broken bones and all kinds of other health issues.

3. DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner

Twenty-five DIY projects in this book are geared toward building a lifestyle of self-reliance. They involve ways to house and raise livestock and bees, how to create a sustainable garden, how to build backup systems for utilities, and a variety of other projects. For those with a goal of self-sufficiency, this is an excellent resource.

4. Earth-Sheltered Houses

Whether the goal is to lower carbon footprint or to have a comfortable safe house, this book will aid in building an underground home in an affordable way.

5. Earthship

How to build a home that has no heating or cooling costs, by yourself, with natural resources. This sustainable housing is a different option for a useful house.

6. The Encyclopedia of Country Living

This 40th Anniversary edition of this practical manual contains information of all aspects of living off the land and making life simpler. Plants, animals, and how to grow, raise, and use them are discussed in this handy book of living a self-sustaining life.

7. Going Off the Grid

This how-to book explains the means of making life work in an off-grid location. It discusses strategies for removing clutter, removing the hectic from the schedule, finding suitable property, building a home, and more. It also includes stories from the author’s experience in getting off the grid.

8. How to Live in a Van and Travel

Living off grid does not necessarily have to happen on a piece of property. This book explains how an off-grid life can be lived on the road in a campervan or motorhome. Living on wheels makes travel much easier, and helps the budget when traveling, since home is along the whole time.

9. The Made-from-Scratch Life

Living off-grid generally means not doing much fast-food buying. Since much of living off-grid includes growing one’s own food and preserving it, this book is sure to be of great help to those who are homesteading and living off-grid.

Where to Buy
Mini Farming
Mobile Solar Power Made Easy!
New Complete Book of Self Sufficiency
Practical Self-Sufficiency
Practical Skills
Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide
The Solar House
Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens
Survival 101: Beginner’s Guide 2020

10. Mini Farming

Those who are currently living on a small space in a city or suburb may still start on the road to self-sufficiency with only a quarter of an acre –most back yards have that much space. This book shows how to create a garden that can provide up to 85% of the amount of food needed by an average family in just a small amount of space.

11. Mobile Solar Power Made Easy!

Living off grid in an electricallybased world requires having a way to generate power. This book talks about how to use your vehicle to collect solar power.

12. New Complete Book of Self Sufficiency

Full of practical information and in-depth guides to making life doable off-grid, this book encourages becoming self-sustainable and explains how to make it happen.

13. Practical Self-Sufficiency

This book offers practical ways to become more self-sufficient by making changes where you live. There are diagrams and illustrations to aid in making the changes to increase self-sufficiency.

14. Practical Skills

Gene Logsdon’s book gives instruction on traditions and crafts from yesteryear, including things related tomaintaining a home, preparing food, taking care of a yard and garden, caring for livestock, and managing woodlands and agricultural areas.

15. Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide

Learn to find or make shelter, food, power, and security to be prepared for any eventuality. While this is geared somewhat toward surviving disasters and catastrophes, it is also essential information for moving and thriving off-grid.

16. The Solar House

Heat and cool through solar power rather than fossil fuels. This book explains how to create an energy efficient home that uses the power of the sun to keep it comfortable.

17. Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens

One of the biggest parts of self-sufficient living is providing food. This practical guide will help homesteaders raise poultry to provide eggs and meat.

18. Survival 101: Beginner’s Guide 2020

This book teaches how to get started on being prepared for any situation and surviving in any conditions. Whether you have been interested in survivalism for years or whether you are completely new to the idea, this book will have valuable information for you.

Memoirs and True Stories

Where to Buy
Carry On
Follow Me to Alaska
Living Large in Our Little House
Twelve by Twelve

1. Carry On

Stan Zuray lived in Boston in the 1960s. Depressed and at loose ends, Stan traveled 3300 miles northwest and discovered an amazing life of wild, cold, survival, and more in the Alaskan wild.

2. Follow Me to Alaska

This true story follows a retired couple who move from El Paso, Texas, to Alaska’s wilderness, where they live off-grid in a cabin. With the only access being by bush plane or snowmobile, the challenges were great as was the learning curve, but their experiences were rewarding.

3. Living Large in Our Little House

This memoir is from a couple telling how they lived in a tiny house – 480 square feet – with their six dogs. Their stories about living in the woods in their small home tell how their time wasfreer, they spent less money, and they grew closer through their experiences. Several other families who chose similar lifestyles are also profiled in this inspirational and practical book.

4. Twelve by Twelve

Subtitled “A One-Room Cabin Off the Grid and Beyond the American Dream,” this book looks at the life of an American doctor who moved to the middle of nowhere in North Carolina to live in a tiny cabin without modern conveniences such as electricity and running water. The way the doctor lived is an example for those who desire to leave the hectic rat race of city life.