Best Bodyboards for Kids

Bodyboards are a delightful addition to your day at the beach. Whether you’ve driven to the sandy shores for just one day or are spending a couple of vacation weeks there, bodyboards can make your time so much more fun!

Also known as boogie boards, bodyboards allow you to ride the water in a safe manner. One can lie on their stomach, sit on their knees, or even stand up as they would do on a surfboard. Fortunately, bodyboards come in all shapes and sizes. This means that there are even some excellent options for kids!

When you’re buying a bodyboard for your child, though, make sure to choose one that is just right for their size. It shouldn’t be too small for them to lie down on, nor too large for them to handle. These aren’t items of clothing, so it’s always better to be on the safe side. You might want to look up a guide to bodyboards in order to make sure you choose the right size and features.

In order to choose the very best bodyboard for a kid, you should look at some of the top options available today. We’ve made things a bit easier by reviewing the most popular kids’ bodyboards on the market


1. DaSupaFins Hammerhead Bodyboard

This fun  is designed especially for kids, as you can probably see from its unique shark-inspired design. It boasts a Deluxe Leash and a stability stringer.  A leash is a necessity for a kid’s bodyboard, so it’s a relief that there’s one included in this package.

You can choose from a variety of colors when you opt for this particular board. The usual color choices include blue, orange, and yellow, but there might be a few others as well. We also have a sturdy and durable material here, which includes high-quality EPE foam at the center.

The board can hence hold up to around 300 pounds of weight. If any particular model doesn’t turn out to be quite that durable, there’s always the one-year structural replacement warranty to fall back on.

Overall, this board is not just fun to look at, but also provide a smooth and safe ride for any kid. It’s lightweight enough to be handled easily by young hands and provides the necessary safety features you need to keep a kid secure.

2. Bo-Toys Body Board

This is a lightweight board that comes with a sturdy yet flexible EPS core. It comes in blue, pink, red and green color varieties, so you can pick and choose according to the kid’s preferences. The size is around 33 inches in length, which is decent enough for kids and even some preteens.

We also love the fact that this board makes use of heat lamination technology. This makes sure that the color sticks to the board and is unlikely to flake or fade too easily. The board itself is constructed to give a rigid experience, which is what you want for a kid’s bodyboard.

The High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE also offers a slick, slippery bottom complete with a crescent tail and those much-needed channels. Overall, this design makes sure that your child can easily ride the waves without too much hassle. As a final bonus, there’s a pro quality leash attached along with its own wristband. This prevents the board from getting lost and ensures that the kid has more balance while riding.

3. Lucky Bums Body Board

This is a well-known name when it comes to bodyboards or other equipment for kids. With an EPS core, this board boasts a slick bottom as well as a leash. The sturdy, durable construction makes the board suitable for both adults and kids. You can choose your favorite shade from a wide choice of colors, including orange, blue, and pink.

There’s no doubt that this board will give any kid the thrill of riding the waves, along with keeping them as safe as possible in the process. You can use this at the beach, the riverside, and even at waterparks.

We’re very impressed with the unique design here, as there are 60/40 rails as well as rear channels for that smooth flowing movement. All these features combine to give the child maximum control over the board as well as the ability to maneuver and increase speed whenever they want.

The PES core at the center of this board means that the item is buoyant, durable, and lightweight at the same time. These features are important, as you want the board to be easily handled and last as long as possible. Your child can even practice their tricks on this board without worrying about it snapping or breaking.

4. Goplus 41 inch Super Bodyboard Body Board

With that coveted EPS Core and HDPE bottom, this board is likely to slide across the waves in a neat, seamless movement. The lightweight construction makes this choice perfect for kids and adults alike. Plus, there are several interesting color options to choose from, such as rose or blue-green.

Other than the colors, this board has several features to recommend it. The durable design makes sure that even numerous wipeouts or drops wouldn’t matter much. That board is likely to remain in one piece even after your child is all grown up!

What’s more, the light IXPE deck gives you strength, durability, and comfort while riding any water body. It’s designed to weather every kind of water and weather conditions. While your kid certainly does need supervision while bodyboarding, this item is designed to keep them safe with a harness on the ankle or wrist as well. That’s why we’d recommend this choice for young kids.

5. Gymax Body Board

This bodyboard measures all of 41 inches, which makes it ideal for any age. Kids, teenagers, and adults alike can make use of this item, but very young children might find it hard to handle.  It’s an economical option, but the quality of the materials is probably nowhere near that of the high-end models. Still, this is a great choice if you want something as a starter board.

Again, you get quite a decent variety of color options here, which could make bodyboarding more fun for the kid. The slick bottom, rear channels, and other usual features ensure that you and your kid get the full experience without having to break the bank.

6. Mike Stewart Science Pipe Kids Bodyboard

MikeStewart is a favorite name in the world of bodyboards, so you might want to consider this one as an investment. It’s a bit pricier than most of its competitors’ offerings, though the experience is worth it. You get several exciting color combinations, which would help your kid stand out from the crowd. Plus, it’s always useful to have a unique shade like electric blue, orange, or lime green to ensure that your child doesn’t stray off too far.

Unfortunately, despite the high price, this board does not come with a leash. You can always buy one separately, but it’s best to get one right with the board itself. Nevertheless, the crescent tail and HDPE bottom, along with the detailed design, are probably enough to make up for any lacking.

What really gets us with this option is the fact that the name behind it has about 30 years of experience in this particular sector. That’s a long time to study, research, and work upon the perfect bodyboard, so we can be sure of getting one of the very best offerings here.

7. Kid Slider Board

This board comes in both blue and pink colors, so you can get whatever your kid prefers. It’s perfect for bodyboarding, skimboarding, and even sledding in the snow. With this versatile option, you’ll be sure to get the most use out of your board all year round.

You get a unique experience here with the plastic material, especially as it comes with a padded top for extra comfort. While this might not be shaped with a crescent tailor have a pull strap on its own, it’s still a board that your kid can use safely for a variety of activities. Once you get the pull strap as a separate item, you can even pull the kids around on the grass, the water, and even the mud if necessary. The padded top will make sure that the user can even get down on their knees and ride the waves on their own.

8. Mike Stewart Science Pocket LTD CT Bodyboard

This bodyboard is another offering from the famous Mike Stewart. Granted, the price here is even more staggering than we expect, but it’s worth it if your kid’s a pro! There’s a surlyn bottom, a stringer polypropylene crescent-shaped tail, and a lot of care in every single detail. The resulting construction is sturdy, highly durable, and can optimize performance just where it’s needed.

The ‘pocket’ part of this bodyboard’s name refers to how the board performs in the pocket of the wave. This allows the rider to move in an effortless manner and pick up speed when they want. If the kid wants to have control of their board and maneuver the pocket easily, this is the board they need.


The best bodyboards for kids might not be cheap, but their performance and features make it all worthwhile. It won’t be a beach day without your kids joining in the fun, so do let them make the most of the waves with a reliable bodyboard.

However, no matter how safe and smooth these bodyboards run, there’s nothing to replace a watchful eye. Make sure any kid with a bodyboard is supervised at all times.