B-17 Flying Fortress

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Even though it wasn’t a revolutionary aircraft such as the B-29, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is probably the most famous American bomber of World War 2 (compared to the B-29, it was twice as “light”, so to speak). At first lacking sufficient anti-fighter defence, this heavy bomber was enhanced and become known as the … Read more

The Avro Lancaster

Avro Lancaster

Considered Britains’s greatest bomber of World War 2, the Avro Lancaster was the main aircraft used for night assault on Germany. With four engines allowing the plane to fly at 462 km/h (287 mph), this heavy bomber delivered a bigger bombload than any other plane in Europe – 6350kg (14,000lbs). The Lancaster was well designed, … Read more

Aviation Careers and You

If you have never considered aviation careers, maybe it is time that you started. Do you love to speed? Do you find yourself paying speeding tickets and attending driver’s school more than you care to admit? Do you like to travel? If any of these questions are answered with a hearty ‘YES,’ you might want … Read more

Armstrong Whitley

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The Armstrong Whitley was the first allied military aircraft to fly over Berlin. Flying at 367 km/h (230 mph), it was a rather slow plane that would become an easy target for German fighters. This may be one of the reasons why it soon would be used as a night bomber. The Armstrong Whitley was … Read more