Are There Any Drone Building Kits Younger Children Can Put Together?

You must have heard about the term STEM – which stands for four fields of learning that have become an essential predecessor in future employment of the kids; namely, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. According to the statistics, the projected bloom in the said four fields had taken the employment rate from 8% to 17% just during the 2000-2010 period. 

What exactly is STEM Learning?


STEM learning is the evolved process of inculcating real-life education of these fields into young minds. This learning is a lot more evolved and different than the conventional curriculum for kids in schools. Instead of basing all the learning of the mechanics of this world on theoretical knowledge, for instance, STEM learning is rooted in learning through hands-on experience by project learning. 

For example, to learn about wind dynamics and how it impacts flying and control of a flying object, students are given a project to build a surveillance drone. Now, critical learning is taught by giving instructions. For instance, to build a drone within a specific budget, it must have at least 50 mph range and can fly non-stop for about 1 or 2 hours. 

These instructions then act as the real-life problems or obstacles that they have to follow through. Their search for the proper components, quality of the drone, tackling wind and atmosphere, etc., become the fundamental pointers of learning. 

Now, the obvious thing that most of you reading this must be wondering is whether you need to have an insane amount of money to give to a specialized set of classes for STEM learning or take out enough time after-school to fulfill this need. The answer is NO! If you can, it is more than good, but if you cannot do all this, you can easily get your kids started with STEM learning at home with DIY building kits. 

Drone Building Sets for Young Children 


If we review the last couple of years, we can witness how exponentially drone technology has grown. They are now critical photography equipment along with being a major tool for surveillance, racing, and businesses such as home delivery services.

Not all kids can skip the learning part and hop directly on the bandwagon of flying quadcopters. Drone building kits give young children a solid learning platform to have their skills tested and polished. If you are also one of the parents who are looking for the best educational gift for your kids, then read on as we have compiled a list of drone building kits suable for young children. 

Where to Buy
Dji F550 Flame Wheel Arf Kit
Ryze Tech Tello Boost Combo - Mini Drone with 5MP Camera for Kids and Adults, RC Quadcopter with 720p HD Video, 13min Flight Time, Scratch Programming, Educational Toy, Selfies, Powered by DJI, White
Robolink CoDrone Mini - Programmable and Educational Drone Kit
Kitables DIY Mini Drone, Quadcopter Kit, Fun & Perfect for Stem Curriculum
Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit for Kids | Build Your Own Drone with Camera | With Conductive Ink Pen, Motors, Propellers, Free iOS/Android Controller App, Battery-Operated Drone Hub
Robolink CoDrone Pro - Programmable and Educational Drone Kit

DJI F550 Flame Wheel ARF Kit

This might be on the pricey end, but it is one of the best drone kits for your kids. It is the most durable among all the ones listed. It is made to fly high and strong with an ultra-strong metal frame. If you have been looking for something durable for your kids, as we all know how they deal with toys, this is the best choice. 

To attract and engage kids in the kit, the set includes different colored frame arms, such as red, black, and white. It also comes with an installed PCB wiring with a high-powered PCB strength compound board. It is equipped with a strong battery that charges rapidly. 

Ryze Tech Tello Boost Combo Drone Kit

This drone kit by Ryze Tech Tello can easily take care of your kids’ STEM learning in every way. While 13 minutes of flight time might seem less than the professional ones, it is ideal for kids or beginners. It only weighs about 87g, which is also an additional point in favor of being suitable for kids. 

Let your kids experience the world from a bird’s eye view with this drone kit that comes with two antennas for excellent video transmission. It also has a Tello’s camera that can capture up to 5MP photos. This kit is very convenient for kids to use as it is easily compatible with the Tello EDU app that works with a kid-friendly programming language called Scratch. It can be controlled with a compatible mobile device. The kit includes the Ryze Tello Aircraft, propellers, propeller guards, micro-USB cable, battery with charging hub, and propeller Removal Tool. 

Robolink CoDrone Lite – Programmable and Educational Drone Kit

This Lite version of the Robokink CoDrone Pro model is just the combo your kids need. It comes without a DIY remote or invertor mainboard. It is highly suggested and popular for younger kids who want to learn their way through aerodynamics and flying. Apart from the textbooks, this mental stimulation exercise helps kids gain insight into functional concepts of coding. 

This drone kit for younger children will help sharpen their coding skills as it forces them to program their flight, drone routes, patterns, and working. The hands-on experience of flight programming and navigation lays an incredible foundation in building STEM knowledge. 

Kitables DIY Mini Drone

This mini DIY drone kit is the cutest thing you will see in the market. It comes with the utmost detailed instructions. However, putting this kit together requires soldering, so the kids need adult guidance here. This is a perfect gift for children. The kit includes every little piece or component you might need to build this quadcopter, namely, a fully functioning mini-RC drone. The whole building-up process takes about 30 or more minutes. 

It packs a punch of educational play and STEM learning that stimulates the young minds, unlike any other thing in the curriculum. It is highly suitable for kids above 13 years. 

Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit for Kids

This is one of the most kid-friendly drone building kits. It is apt for school, as well as a home STEM activity. It intrigues the kids and forces them to use their major functions of the mind to figure out the building process. It is very easy to assemble as it comes with all the necessary parts to build the drone. It involves building and working through complex circuits, which is sure to invigorate your kid’s mind in every possible way. 

If you have been pondering about gifting something special this year to your kids, let them have a hand at STEM learning. This kit inculcates confidence in kids for building things and programing their aerodynamics mechanisms. The Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit includes conductive pens, four motors, four propellers with an equal number of extra ones, a battery and charger, an on-board camera, and free access to the mobile app. 


STEM learning is undoubtedly the new effective way to get to heights of success. Your kids need more than the textbook curriculum, which opens new gateways of opportunities for their mental development. They need more mental stimulation to get their complex problem-solving skills to work. 

STEM learning is supported by DIY building kits and toys, such as drones. It encourages learning that pays off in the future of the kids. If you being a parent, want your kids to go beyond the bookish knowledge and do something practically, investing in a drone building kit is an excellent option to start with.