All You Need to Know About Sanding

When you are making wooden stuff such as a table, chair, bed, door, etc. you need to smooth the wooden surfaces and remove the impurities. The sanding task is done in workshops or if you know how to make a wooden object, you can do it in your garage. For sanding, you need different tools, out of which, sanding paper is the most important one. Sanding paper evens out the wooden surfaces. There are different grades of sanding papers, that can help you in this task. 

Sanding is a time-consuming and tedious task. Along with this, it is one of the boring tasks in the workshop which is the messiest and dustiest task to do. You can minimize this boring task using different sanding tools. They make it easier, convenient, and fun for you!

Sandpaper or Power Tools?

The grit or grade of the sandpaper is based on the number of sand granules per square inch of paper. The higher the number, the finer the grade or grit of sandpaper would be. The coarser sandpaper is of lower-numbered grades. If you want to know the grit or grade of the sandpaper, you can check it on the backside of the sheet where the grade is printed. 

For refinishing furniture and antiques, medium and fine graded sandpaper are used. Coarse grits under 100 can damage the fine wood finish. Medium grits ranging from 120 to 150 are used for the removal of old finish or scratches. The fine grits of 220 are used for a final light sanding before it goes into the staining process. 

The power tools make your work easy because of faster sanding. If you are using a heavy-duty belt sander, then it will ruin a fine antique. Heavy-duty ones are made for heavy carpentry work. A palm sander, a lightweight rotary sander works fine for refinishing. 

Sand with The Grain 

If you observe closely, there are pores in the surface of the wood. This forms a pattern called the grain. For your ease, always sand in the direction of the grain. Try not to go perpendicular or at any angle rather than the grains angle. When you are working on edges, it is hard to reach the corners. Scratches on a finished piece because of sanding against the grain look unattractive. It will become more visible on staining. 

Remove the Dust

The wood dust caused by sanding can cause problems. Before staining, you have to remove the dust from the surface. Dry rags or brushes are not recommended for dust removal. You can use a tack cloth. A tack cloth is a sticky piece of cheesecloth. It is specially made for this purpose. You can make your tack cloth by soaking a 12” piece of cheesecloth in tung oil (a small amount). To save them from drying out, store the tack cloths in a sealed plastic bag. 


Staining is the process of adding color to the wood. Staining darkens the color of the word or it brings out the pattern of the grains. It also makes one variety of wood look-alike of another variety of wood. Staining is used to accent the details and for fixtures of a piece of furniture. The stain is composed of three components; pigments, dyes, and a carrier. The carrier in the staining categorizes it as oil or water-based. 

Where to Buy
DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (DWE6421K)
BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander, Compact Detail (BDEMS600)
Grizzly Industrial H8192 - 1" x 42" Belt / 8" Disc Combo Sander
WEN AT6535 3.5-Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander with Extra Large Beveling Table Top
GALAX PRO 8 Amperes Belt Sander 120-380RPM with Variable Speed Settings, 5 Pieces Sanding Belts(3x21 Inch) and Dust Bag for Stock Removal
Warner Sanding Block Hand Sander, 34436A
Sandits 15 Pack Fine Detailing Sanding Sticks 120/180 and 400/800 Grit


Best Sanding Tools

1. DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch

DEWALT DWE6421 5” comes with a 3.0 Amp motor. It spins the pad at 12,000 OPM. The short height of this sander keeps the user closer to the workpiece. There is a rubber over-mold in all of the critical areas. The separate counterweight design reduces the vibration sensation while sanding the wood piece. The switch of this sander is dust-sealed. It ensures a longer switch life. 

This sander is an improved collection of dust and interfacing with our vacuum locking system. There is an innovative one-hand locking system in the dust bag. The dust port is directed to the dust collectors. This sander is used for wood sanding, metal sanding, and plastic sanding. 

2. BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander

It comes in a compact size with 3 position grips. This helps you to control and easily use it in many applications. The compact size helps you to get into tight spaces. It maximizes user control. The detail finger attachment is interchangeable. It helps to sand the hard-to-reach spaces on the wood item. It is of high-performance dust collected and sander with micro-filtration for a clean workspace. 

3. Grizzly Industrial H8192 – 1″ x 42″ Belt / 8″ Disc Combo Sander

Grizzly introduces a 1/3 horsepower benchtop combination for your bandsaw or scroll saw. This combination belt/disc will shape and smooth your wood products right to the line. Capacitor-start induction motor powers the belt and the disc. It is for sanding chore and cast-iron tilting tables flexibility that you demand. It includes a single-knob belt tracking and two dust ports. The table tilts 45 degrees right. It comes with a dual cast-iron table with miter slots. 

4. Oscillating Spindle Sander with Extra Large Beveling Table Top

Now without using your hand, you can take curves, arcs, faces, and contours, and more with this WEN Oscillating Spindle Sander. In this versatile machine, there are five different sized sanding spindles. Each of these five sanding spindles, oscillate up to 58 times per minute with a 5/8 inch of stroke. The various spindles can be oscillated at 2000 times per minute, using the building in 3.5 Amp motor. For more organized work, there is onboard storage that helps you to organize the throat plates, table inserts, and rubber sanding drums.

To minimize the clean up after work, there is a dust port that allows the woodworkers to connect a dust collection system. You can adjust the 14.5 x 14.5-inch table from 0 to 45 degrees. It helps you to sander the wood at different angles. There are five grit sanding sleeves of 80 for you in the package!

5. GALAX PRO 8 Amperes Belt Sander

GALAX PRO belt sander comes with a powerful 8 amperes motor. It is an ideal belt sander for large areas such as decking and floorboards. You can also complete other tasks that require great stock removal. The Belt Sander comes with a speed adjusting dial, that adjusts the speed from 2 to 6 meters per second. It provides an optimum belt speed. An ergonomically designed handle provides a soft and perfect grip to maximum control and comfort. 

6. Warner Sanding Block Hand Sander

Block Hand Sander provides various easy to use features. An easy-to-grip handle provides you comfort in handling. Another feature of easy release for fast abrasive changes is handy too. There is no slow in your work with the lock and load feature. It locks and loads the fresh sandpaper. It is a perfect tool for quick touch-ups and light-duty projects. 

7. Sandits 15 Pack Fine Detailing Sanding Sticks

Sandits are the easiest, newest, and most convenient way to sand, smooth, polish, paint, remove rust, corrosion, and tarnish. Sandits are disposable and their unique shape with a plastic stem helps you to work in difficult-to-reach and small spaces. It comes in a 15-piece multi-task pack with 120/180 and 400/800 grit tips. 


Sanding is a finishing process of the wood to make it in different shapes and sizes. There are few steps of sanding as mentioned in this article. It is an overview of these steps. Here we have mentioned the 7 best sanding tools that can help you in your garage for sanding.