Airbrush compressors: Buying Guide & Top Recommendations

Artists, hobbyists, and creative individuals have a thing for airbrushes. And for a good reason. The power tool enables them to craft a perfect masterpiece whether it is a design on a wall, a car, or a wooden piece of furniture. However, it is crucial for these people to have the right machine for powering their airbrush; the need has been the main reason behind the growth and popularity of airbrush compressors.

Though most project handlers label air compressors as a source of power for varying tools, they are a perfect companion to airbrushes as well. Since users will require a continuous flow of pressurized air for the functioning of the brush, an airbrush compressor is more of a necessity than an option. While gas compressors can also be used to achieve a similar purpose, you may find yourself scrambling for a refill once it runs out. In contrast, airbrush compressors are a more reliable source of air pressure and output.

Buying Considerations to Make Airbrush Compressor

Airbrush compressors are a versatile power tool. They can be used to power airbrushes for everything from making delicate designs to painting a car. Here’s what new buyers should take into account when searching for an airbrush compressor:

Power: New buyers may not be aware of the fact that the strength of airbrush compressors is measured in horsepower. The best brands will have an HP between 1/5 and 1/8. However, we always recommend airbrush compressor consumers to choose a machine that can give them enough power to perform the jobs they’ve scheduled.

Hose Length: The hoses are present in some of the airbrush compressor brands. Most of them are six feet in length. If you find a hose of this length in the compressor you’re looking at, know that this is the perfect length out there.

Air Volume: When it comes to the question of how much air is needed to operate an airbrush, users can operate from anything as minimum as 1 psi though thicker mediums won’t come out of the brush at this range. The ideal pressure is above 10 psi; not only does this apply to the medium without breaks, but it also gives off perfect air pressure for specific projects.

Top Airbrush Compressors to Buy

Where to Buy
PointZero Portable Airbrush Tankless Air Compressor
MASTER Airbrush SB88
Badger Air-Brush Co. TC910
Paasche D3000R Compressor with Tank, Moisture Trap and Regulator

1. PointZero Portable Airbrush Tankless Air Compressor

Boasting 1/5 horsepower, this air compressor is robust and durable in nature. It also has the capability to work on high-power tasks and can function until it comes near 58 psi. Users can then cycle it off till it goes back to 40 psi before rebooting it again. There’s also an auto-start and stop function that reduces motor wear and can store much-needed power for later use. Additionally, it comes with an integrated pressure gauge and an effective diaphragm regular. The device’s water-trap allows for accurate production, delivery and regulation of clean and dirty air. Also, it is tankless and delivers great power for 1.0 CFM air delivery (approximately).

What makes it stand out?

The compressor boasts an oil-less design. That means it’s ideal for most airbrushing applications.

2. MASTER Airbrush SB88

This airbrush compressor features a top-notch control airbrush. Users also get to experience complete atomization, along with dual-action feed brush and air control valve. Other features include a 0.2 mm of nozzle and needle, 0.5 large ounce cup, a 6 feet tall braided air hose, and a cutaway air handle. For the compressor itself, you’ll find a gauge, a storage tank, and an air regular. Another notable aspect of the MASTER Airbrush SB88 is that it delivers more air pressure and air volume courtesy of its 1/5 HP (horsepower). Plus, the product is made with premium materials, so buyers can be sure it’d last for a long period.

What makes it stand out?

Those who get the MASTER Airbrush SB88 also get a (Free) training book titled ‘How to Airbrush’ – exclusively from TCP Global.

3. Badger Air-Brush Co. TC910

Badger is popular for high precision and good quality.  The TC910 airbrush compressor contains an oil-less compressor (cylinder) that are enclosed in a metal lodging and housed above a pressure tank. The machine uses a 1/6 HP engine and a 3 L air tank. There’s also a controller incorporated with pressure check and dampness trap, as well as airbrush holders to complete things off. Another notable part is that Badger performs a 14-point examination check on the TC910 before placing its logo on it. Additionally, the TC10 includes an air pressure controller that’s movable aside from an air channel, and an air pressure check, all of which ensure the user has quick pressure with a good flow without needing to turn the thing off or on constantly.

What makes it stand out?

The machine comes with components that give off 47 dB of noise at a maximum, which means there’s no need to hold it from far away.

4. Paasche D3000R Compressor with Tank, Moisture Trap and Regulator

With a 1/5 HP Compressor, the Paasche D3000R is a durable machine that doesn’t move around or vibrate as the motor functions. It also has a big tank that supplies a big volume of compressed air without producing an irritating noise. And when the tank gets full, the air compressor shuts off automatically. The Paasche also gives 20-30 PSI and works best when connected to an air hose of the Paasche brand. Buyers can use the regulator for adjusting the air pressure, so there won’t be any problems during an airbrushing job (otherwise, we all know how big of a mess it could be around the job site). Additionally, the machine doesn’t give or an irritating noise or vibration as the air compressor is being worked with.

What makes it stand out?

The Paasche D3000R allows the user to maintain constant air pressure without any surge or jumps. Plus, the regulator adjusts the air pressure to the needs of the job.

Final Verdict

The need and expectations for airbrush compressors have increased along with the advances in airbrushing. The problem that many buyers experience is the task of selecting an airbrush compressor brand, as the options seem endless. Hopefully, this detailed guide serves as a helpful resource that you can always refer to for identifying the best air compressors in the market. By gaining an insight into each compressor’s strength and weaknesses, you’ll be in a better position to make a buying decision. And lastly, you won’t have to panic while carrying out intricate tasks as fully powered airbrushes are quite impressive at execution.