Absolute Must-Have LED Lights for Mobile Photography

In the past, people used to judge mobile phones by their sound quality. Nowadays, people consider it by its camera quality. The familiar old sentence, “Can you hear me now?” has now been replaced with “How many lenses does your phone have?” or “How great does your phone capture pictures?” With the improvement in the image quality, the built-in lighting in our smartphones is very charming.

Most smartphones have a flash or built-in LED lighting system that people typically use to take selfies and pictures in the dark. Instead of just using it to take selfies, they can also use it to lighten their way out of the circumstances like burning buildings, forests, abandoned places, etc.

However, there are certain situations where you would need a specialized setup of lighting personalized to your photography needs. Many times, with the right intent in mind, you don’t always have the proper lighting you need for the kind of picture or video quality that you’re looking for, but with the help of external LED lights, that issue has been taken care of nicely.

Many such lighting accessories help enlarge and improve the lighting quality of stills and videos that people capture from their smartphones. These LED lights’ color temperatures are variable, and some of the models allow you to adjust according to the occasion. You can also change the light’s brightness and how dim or bright you want it to be.

Benefits of Having LED Lights in Mobile Photography

1. Compact And Small

LED lights are small in size and very compact. It makes it easier to carry them around without a hassle and use them whenever desired. Instead of taking all the lighting equipment around in a bag, all you need is an excellent LED light for your phone.

2. Flashlights In The Dark

LED lights for smartphones also can be used to lighten up a dark place.

3. Provides Appropriate Light for Photography

They act like flashlights in the absence of light to help you take as many pictures as you want without worrying about the need for brightness and lighting in any dark spot. You won’t have to worry about having lighting problems that would ultimately ruin the picture and video quality.

4. Provides Great Vlogging Experience

LED lights provide an excellent vlogging experience for the creators, as it gives them a suitable lighting setup to record videos.

Where to Buy
Neewer 12 SMD LED Bulb Mini Pocket-Size On-Camera LED Video Light for Zoom Call Meeting/Remote Working/Self Broadcasting/YouTube Video/Live Streaming, LED Lighting CRI 95+ with Built-in Battery
QUBIE - Bluetooth LED Light (Black) for photography and lighting
Camera Lighting,YELANGU LED Video Light with Color Filters, CRI95+ 6500K Dimmable Touch Lights for Camera Smartphone GoPro,Portable Rechargeable Fill Light,Vlogging Video Lighting with USB Charge,1PCS
Elitehood Ring Light 18 inch, Dimmable LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand, Selfie Ringlight for Phone and DSLR Photography, Self- Portrait Shooting, YouTube, TikTok, Carrying Bag Bundled, Black
VILTROX 45W 3400LM 18 Inch Ring Light Kit with Stand,Tall LED Streaming Lights Circle Ring Light Ringlight for Beauty Shooting Video Recording Conferencing
Fonrest LED Ring Light with Stretchable Tripod Stand Selfie Stick, 6-inch Dimmable Floor/Table Annular Lamp for Selfie, Makeup, Live Stream, YouTube, Vlog, Camera/Phone Video Shooting USB Plug
GSKAIWEN 180 LED Light Photography Studio LED Lighting Kit Adjustable Light with Light Stand Tripod Photographic Video Fill Light
HAVOX - Photo Studio HPB-80D - Dimension 32"x32"x32" - Super Bright Dimmable LED Lighting 5500k - 13,000 lumens - CRI 93 - Make Your Commercial Photos e-Commerce
IVISII G2 Pocket RGB Camera Light,32Wh Built-in 4300mAh Rechargeable Battery 360°Full Color Gamut 9 Light Effects,2600-10000K LED Video Light Panel with Aluminum Alloy Body, Adjustable Tripod Stand
SLOW DOLPHIN 12.9" x 12.2" Photo Studio Light Box Ring Light 80pcs LED Lights Adjustable Portable Folding Photography Shooting Light Tent Kit with White/Warm/Soft Lighting +6 Backdrops

Our Top Picks of LED Lights for Mobile Photography

1. Neewer 12 On-camera LED light

Neewer 12 is a mini pocket-sized LED light equipped with a universal hot-shoe adapter that helps mount it on things like a camera, tripod, light stand, or other things that support using the ¼ inch screw thread on the underside. It has 12 light beads for brightening that range from 0.5mm 660Lux to 1m 165 Lux. You can also attach them to the walls to create unique indoor and outdoor lighting patterns.

2. QUBIE Bluetooth LED light

QUBIE is a small cube-shaped dual-purpose LED light. It can be controlled with Bluetooth, making it suitable for capturing amazing stills, videos, and flashlights. It is also very flexible and has a silicon rubber skin that allows you to seal your lights and make them weatherproof. It provides a max illuminance of 1500 or 800 lumens if used as a video light.

Moreover, it provides a 20,000-hertz refresh rate, which ultimately the videos efficient and flicker-free when you are shooting at standard video frame rates.

3. YELANGU LED Video Light

The YELANGU LED video light comes with four different color filters, including yellow, red, blue, and green. These lights can also give a soft and colorful fill lighting. You can change the light color by using one of these filters to create cool photos and videos. It has 360-degree touch control and also has an inductive switch and brightness that you need for excellent photography.

The kit includes one LED rechargeable fill light, one green, red, blue, yellow filter, and one USB cable. And if you get into trouble with this LED light for mobile photography, don’t worry because it is backed by a 12month warranty.

4. Elitehood Ring Light 18 inch

The Elitehood ring light features an Elitehood upgraded 0.8’’ ultra-slim & professional 18 inch Led ring light, which makes it more lightweight and attractive than the previous 18-inch ring light, offering optimum illumination to eliminate harsh shadows from your face and highlight your beauty. Ideal for cosmetic demonstrations, videography, self-portraits, studio photography, live broadcasts, bloggers, hair salons, and other similar uses. There are no color filters required; simply use the two warm and cool lighting knobs to adjust the color temperature (2700–5600K) and brightness (0 percent–100 percent).

5. VILTROX Selfie Ring Light

This selfie ring light has a unique circular shape of 18 inches. It gives a soft glow and significantly removes dark shadows making your shots look perfect and stunning. It also has a 3300k-5600k color temperature adjustment, and you don’t need to use extra color filters and 20-100% brightness settings that suit different conditions. The high CRI of 95% produces a natural and realistic shooting effect.

6. Fonrest LED Ring Light

This one is an excellent choice for selfies, live streaming, makeup, and recording vlogs for YouTube, etc. They can help attract new followers and get an insane amount of likes on social media. It provides a soft and shadowless glow that removes skin imperfections and looks a lot fresh and clean. The ring’s shape also gives a beautiful catch light in the person’s eyes.

7. GSKAIWEN LED Lighting Kit

This kit is excellent for photography and comes with a light-standing tripod. It comes with high-quality LED beads with 36W per light and 60 pieces of LED beads that you can use for up to 10,000 hours. It has a balanced color temperature of 5500K with pure white light. You can even restore the picture to its original form to make it seem natural.

8. HAVOX – Photo Studio HPB-80D

The HAVOX Photo Studio features 168 unique dimmable LED bulbs that provide just the right amount of light needed for taking bright and vibrant photos. These SMD lights feature a color temperature of 5500k, a glow of 13000 lumens, and a CRI of 93+. These high-quality lights make it more effortless to take 0professional-looking photos than pictures produced with neon or fluorescent lights.

9. IVISII G2 RGB LED Photography Lighting

This RGB LED light is 32 Watts and has a color temperature of 2600k-10000K with adjustable brightness from 0-100%. This light is enough to fill your entire studio room without needing other lights. It allows you to save some space in your studio and simplify your work. It also has a wireless control function that will enable you to control one light with another with the parameter changes when they are on the same channel and group.

10. SLOW DOLPHIN Photo Studio

This lightbox mostly comes with two*20 PCS of bright light LED light strips that give average lighting and prevent your photos from getting shadows or reflections. It also comes with six background colors, including black, white, green, orange, and a USB cable of 105cm, making it a bit easier than using the light bars. These lights are perfect for product photography like toys, watch, jewelry, etc.

Portable LED Lights – Game Changers for Mobile Photography and Vlogging

LED lights are an absolute must-have as they allow us to take significant and high-quality pictures of the places, things, surroundings, and even ourselves. These lights help a lot in removing reflections and shadows in dark conditions.

You can also use these lights for recording vlogs and streaming on YouTube or different platforms. Moreover, it can also aid in navigating our destination in unknown places at night, including forests, haunted houses, etc.