A Guide to American Airlines Boeing 777-8

Boeing 777 is the world’s largest twinjet aircraft (a wide-body airliner), manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The first Boeing 777 took flight in June 1994. The plane was aimed to fill the gap between Boeing 767 and 747 and replace the old D and L series. The Boeing 777 later came with other variants responsible for making history. The first of its variants were delivered in April 2004.

Boeing 777X is the latest in the aircraft family, launched in November 2013. It has two variants – Boeing 777-8 and Boeing 777-9. Both of them differ in size and minor changes, 777-8 being the smaller one. 


Boeing Commercial Airplanes take its competition with Airbus very seriously. In response to Airbus’ new model A350 XWB in 2011, Boeing came up with an aircraft of its own that was meant for entering service by 2019. It revamped the classic 777 and stretched the size and better fuel burn and operating costs. 

The Boeing 777-8 can accommodate 384 passengers and is an upgraded version of 777-200ER and a short derivative of 777-9. Boeing intends to make 777-8 up for sale by 2021 and manufacture more according to demands.

Improved Features

Following are some of the features that a Boeing 777-8 would hold:

  • 13,000 pounds higher Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) compared to 775,000 pounds for Boeing 777-9.
  • A wingspan of 72 meters in the air.
  • An expecting 12% less fuel burn
  • Folding wingtips.
  • Wider interior cabins, allowing 18 inches wide seat with dimmable windows.
  • The cockpit is wider, with enhanced display systems installed overhead.
  • Improved fuel consumption by 10%. The net fuel efficiency gain is 12% – 123%


Specs Value
Price US $360.5 million
Passenger capacity (2-class) 384
Length 69.8m
Wingspan 71.8m extended/64.8m folded
Wing Area 516.7 sq. m 
Aspect Ratio 9.96
Tail Height 19.5m
Max Take-off Weight 351,534Kg
Range 16,090Km
Engines 2 x GE Aviation(General Electric) GE9X-105B1A
Thrust 470 kN

Boeing 777-8 in News

The Boeing 777-9 is already in its testing phase, and many airlines have started ordering it. It is expected to enter service in 2022. The 777-8 is aimed to have a more extended range and thin routes compared to 777-9. The expected timeline for production of 777-8 is two years after that of 777-9. However, nothing can be said about it for sure.

The Gulf countries are looking forward to 777-8 to travel from Dubai to Los Angeles with maximum payload. But the virtually non-existent aircraft will only be available if customers demand it. Boeing is concerned that they may have to drop the whole idea and swap 777-8 with some other aircraft.

The Mysterious Future of Boeing 777-8

Boeing might have good intentions when it came up with the 777X series, but the unfortunate circumstances led to a bit of trouble. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the production of 777-9 was delayed, and so is the fate of 777-8. Although everyone is praising these two twinjets’ features, 777-8 is still hanging whether its production will see the light of day or not. 

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